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Considering Self Pay Repairs?

Self-Pay Repairs – Will they break the budget?

You are not required to report a damaged vehicle to your insurance company. There are many reasons you may think a self pay is for you but even our most aggressive labor rate specials will usually have more money coming out of pocket than by using our labor rate rebate program and applying these rebates to your deductible.

Trading a slightly lower monthly premuim for a $1000 deductble is rarely if ever a good idea. This situation can make even the most aggressive deductible rebate or rewards program less than useful in saving out of pocket costs.


One financial rule of thumb is that if the cost of a repair is 50% higher than your deductible you should probably let your insurance pay. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, for example if your teenager was at fault and the damage is minor, you may decide it’s better to self-pay. No matter the reason, you’re probably concerned about whether a quality repair can really be affordable.

RedStar is known for its custom auto works and our staff has the experience and time-tested resources to locate alternate, high quality, lower-priced parts to save you money. We’ve had to look for obscure parts and tap our sources for years catering to the needs of custom and classic car enthusiasts. We feel confident we can design a repair plan that offers a combination of high quality and cost savings that will work for you. Put us to the test. Call or stop by for an estimate today.

We accept bank checks, cash, debit cards and Visa, and MasterCard. If you would like to pay by personal checks please let us know before repairs have been started.


The nature of auto body and paint repairs means the total cost of repair can get higher than most are comfortable or even able to pay out of pocket. There are choice time for out of pocket repairs but nothing beats a good insurance policy to keep suprise bills form becoming your responsibilty.



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