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Quality Auto and truck painting and refinishing. expert color matching and clearcoat applications.


Before any car can be ready for a  "paint job" there are many steps to complete. Below is a list of proceedures required for a factory-like finish, dont be fooled by unbelievably low bids.


  • All body and or paint damage must be located and repaired. New paint over poor repairs or flaking paint = trouble and $$$


  • Glass, Mirrors, Moldings, Handles, Lamps, Grills, nameplateas and other exterior trim should be removed and reinstalled after paint and buff for a factory-like finish. Part masked off = open edge = many opportunities for flaking and peeling edges.


  • Repairs can range from simply repairing small paint chips, through sheet metal repairs, plastic repairs, and panel replacement, all varying in cost per man hour labor. This processes ends in a urethane primer finish.


  • Paint prep refers to the process of blocksanding primer to a smooth paintable surface, preparing surface for basecoats and masking of the vehicle which is painstaking work.



  • With parts removed and surface properly prepped, the painter can lay down a factory like or custom basecoat color. We have thousands of factory paint codes that can be made right here in our paint shop. We also paint solids, metallics, candies, pearls and other custom applications.
  • Clearcoat is the final application that protects your paint from premature fading and scratching. Todays clearcoats vary in sheen from ultra high-gloss, satin, matte and textured finishes. Clearcoat ads durability and the sheen you want for your project.


  • The "Paint Job" doesnt end in the paint shop. Colorsand and Buff is a worthwhile option which can literally take days to complete. When looking for a real like new or even car show shine, this step is another vital step. The colorsand and buff process removes the small imperfections inherent in the paint application process, like nibs, orange peel and dryiness


  • Once the vehicle is polished we begin re-installation of handles, trim, bumpers etc.



Many Insurance policies state that aftermarket ot recycled parts may be used when available unless you specifically request new part only coverage which may come at an additional cost. Be sure to read you policy.

  Red Star

Ok, so how much for a "Paint Job" on my car?

Auto and truck refinishing can be a tricky proposition. Often times it is very difficult to get an accurate quote for the quality of work which you desire. You may hear one guy say he paid $20K for his "paint job" and another say he got his painted at Waaco for $2K. These are not the same things.

The $20k "paint job" included removal of all trim, stripping of all prior repair work, repairing and or replacing damaged body parts, align panels, Primering and block sanding, prepping for paint and masking, paint and clearcoats, colorsand and buff, reassembly.

For years there have been commercials claiming that a paint job can be done for $299. This is false. Or, at least for any kind of a paint job that you would dare put on your vehicle or show your face in. The average labor rate of a body shop can range from $50-$100/hr, A gallon of clearcoat and its activator can cost upwards of $200 easily. Vibrant toners for solids, metallics, candies and pearls are very regulated and expensive to buy. So how could one possibly get a "paint job" on their vehicle for $299?

Many of these companies have gone belly up because of dissatisfied customers who were expecting a factory-like paint job on their beloved automobile and who ended up worse off than when they began. BE AWARE that if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

If you have ever had a small fender bender and had to have repairs done. You have seen how labor hours can easily add up to 1000s of $$$s very quickly. You should think of a "Paint Job" the same way. Each of the following repair processes require skill, talent, training and experience.

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