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Collision Repair

Collision Repair :

Auto accidents can be a stressful time.We are all going to need some collision repair at least a few times in our lifetime. Hopefully these are minor fender benders or just accidental self inflicted wounds. If you are in an accident, Red*Star is committed to helping restore your vehicle as soon as possible. Contact us if you've been in a fender bender and need an estimate.



Repair types:

    Collision Damage is likely tol involve another vehicle and vehicles are more likely to have underlying damage not visible before disassembly. With claim processing and parts delivery, repairs times can be lengthy. These repairs may include some mixture of the following; body and paint repairs, part removal and reinstallation, replacement parts, sublet services.
    I generally recommend making an insurance claim for this type of repair to help cover often times very high costs, rental cars and supplemental damages.


    Fender bender damage may or may not involve another vehicle. This is generally cosmetic repairs that may require some replacement of exterior parts. With proper planning we can help make these repair times come and go, to get you back on the road properly.
    Often time customers want to avoid making a claim and paying out pocket for these repairs. They generally change their minds once they see the true cost of repairs.


    Bumper damage is very common. These repairs can be done a few different ways depending on material type and severity of the damage. Some people pay out of pocket for this type of repair although often times in a bumper cover replacement situation an insurance claim may be in order to help cover repair and rental costs.

    I recommend replacing any bumper cover that will require excessive body filler to repair. Generally "Saving" these parts rather than replacing will lead to early repair failure.


    Door ding repair can often be done by means of "Paintless Dent Repair", which is a PIT STOP(tm) service by appointment. Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is generaly limited to small door ding type damages or small dents. When damages are repairable with PDR, you will save hundreds of dollars over traditional body shop dent repairs.

    If a dent is too deep or sharp PDR may have less than desirable results and need body and paint repair to correct satisfactorily.


    Some scratches in clearcoat can be removed through our scratch removal process, but if the scratch has entered the bascoat (color) the repair will require basecoat touch up or refinishing to repair. Touch up costs far less but has less desirable results.

    Rule of "thumb" is, if the scratch can snag your thumb nail it is generally too deep for the scratch removal process and will require youch up or possibly refinish to repair correctly.



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