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Bumper and plastic repair. Bumper repairs may be a way to save time and money and possibly avoid an insurance claim on small repairs.

Often time small to medium sized bumper damage can be successfully repaired for less than an insurance deductible. Although, any significant plastic damage should mean replacing is the "right" way to proceed, and could exceed ones out of pocket comfort zone very quickly. In these cases an insurance claim may be the way to go. The days of the $100 bumper repair are over as the small fly by night mobile operations are sucumbing to stricter and stricter regulations. Red*Star can help.


If you've scraped a curb or even grazed a pole...or maybe the garage door hit the bumper cover. In most of these cases some TLC and a nice topcoat can make repairs virtually undetectable.


A proper bumper refinish will generally run around $350. If you add an hour or two of repair time for plastic damage the repair costs can meet or exceed an insurance deductible. That is a good time to consider replacing the bumper cover and filing a claim. Too much repair on a flexible plastic bumper can lead to premature failure due to flexing.

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